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Plaza del Agua

The project consists on technical assistance for the overall improvement of the site, taking into account, not only physical changes, but also, community integration, and design participation between neighbors, students, and professor. The goal was to co- create a space by teaching and learning collectively.

The selected site is a lost public space at the top of the Paraná canyon were a precarious settlement barely survives. It was imperative to create an infrastructure of water supply at the same time as to integrate the community in a public space, including a place for !ishermen market, playgrounds, and shades. The possibility of social exchange between neighbors promotes the original values, culture and tradition of families who live at the site. Although the project is still under construction, it has already provoked several state investment on the neighborhood.

Authors: Matéricos Periféricos

Participant as: Team Leader, teaching assistant, building and overall coordination.

Site: Pueblo Esther

Dic 2016

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