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Club Social Carlos Leo Galli

Carlos Leo Galli Social Club is the Matéricos Periféricos’ social meeting place, and material testing and experimentation field. Its name honors the founder of "Taller Galli" Architectural Design Studio course at the School of Architecture FAPyD"the cradle where the cultural movement was born in the middle nineties. The construction of Carlos Leo Galli Social Club starts in 2007, and immediately became an un finished work, trans- forming and growing each year, according to students and teachers needs and desires. The first stage consisted of the construction of a floor, and the place for re, giving place for a hundred people standing up, listening a class , or talking. The Floor was made of cylindrical concrete specimens simply placed on the ground. The

second stage added a series of benches, tables, and cupboards made of precast concrete elements displayed in a way that people could t in di#erent body positions around the tables. That is how new functions and acts of meeting were conceived in relation to the act of sharing food. This second stage also included the construction of a shade consisting of an iron structure, and pieces of an ephemeral spatial artifact that had been donated by the Facultad de Arquitectura de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso years ago, and found a new shape, place, and function at Carlos Leo Galli social club. The following steps included structures for wind protection, and limits definition.

Authors: Matéricos Periféricos

Participant as: Team Leader, teaching assistant, building and overall coordination.

Site: Facultad de Arquitectura Planeamiento y Diseño - UNR

2007 - Ongoing

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